Our mission is simple…

To make the sourcing of real food, real easy.

Our method is real…

Source from the best; deliver to your door.

We offer you and your family…

Educational videos, information, recipes and tried-and-true tips, along with top quality groceries and delivery to your door! This gives you maximum time to eat and enjoy your food with friends and family!

How we do it:

Fresh, Organic & Wholesome ingredients.

Who needs the traffic?!
And lineups?! We deliver to your door.

The World’s finest kitchen tools
at Canada’s best prices.

Instructional Videos, Recipes
and Articles to teach and inspire.

Living life in Toronto today is very different than it was 40 years ago.

At the least, we all should spend less time driving in traffic, and more time cooking, eating and enjoying the finer things in life with our family and friends. That’s where RealFoodToronto.com comes in. The offerings of this site are governed by quality, not quantity. The food we sell is wholesome, not mass-produced, not chemically-enhanced and not preserved. We guarantee that you can pronounce every ingredient on every product offered by us. Don’t worry, we do offer many indulgences – but they too are made from simple wholesome ingredients.We strive to keep prices as low as possible and to make quality food as affordable as possible, but keep in mind that “cheap” food is cheap for a reason.

RealFoodToronto.com specializes in organic, fresh, seasonal and local:

  • Fresh meat from local, family farms;
  • Fresh fish from sustainable sources;
  • Fresh vegetables from organic farms;
  • Freshly baked breads and quality provisions from the best local bakers;
  • Gourmet prepared foods from our Chefs using all of the above ingredients

You can freely peruse our site, our products and prices, regardless of what postal code you are located – we have nothing to hide and believe everything to gain from open access.Please keep in mind that ordering fresh products are limited to our delivery area (please click here for more about our delivery service), which is composed of most postal codes in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). We are currently adding more postal codes and additional delivery windows!We always welcome questions, comments and suggestions – info@realfoodtoronto.com or via our Contact Us page.

Real Food. Real Easy.