Toronto is loving Real Food!


“Dear Nicole & Cristina, I am so very gratefull for your help with my last order. You really went above and beyond to deliver great products and on-time for me and my family.
Thank you again for the great work.”


“We are loving RFT a lot… got our first delivery this weekend and everything is such great quality. We’re definitely going to continue to get all our staples from here. The house-made stuff we got (kimchi, potato salad) is perfect. Thanks! =D”



I have today received my first order from I am both impressed and pleased with the fish I ordered and the efficient on time delivery. Thank you.”


“I ordered a roast last week and cooked it today. Can you please send my commendation on to where it belongs. That roast was the most amazing pork we have EVERY had. There was so much fat on it, the meat was succulent and moist when roasted slow and low. The bonus is all the beautiful fat for frying other things later. Just thought I would let someone know how utterly impressed we were.
Thanks so much.”


“We’ve been buying from your Eglinton store for a few years now. Quality and service have been outstanding. Due to changes in our schedule, it became necessary to place an order for home-delivery for the first time. I won’t lie. I was nervous. I’m so accustomed to seeing the size of a chicken breast, steak, etc., and deciding how many I want based on that…well, it took a leap of faith to order via phone. The service on the phone was as friendly and helpful as it is in the store. Our order arrived during the window of time promised. I just unpacked everything and to say that I’m pleased would be an understatement. Everything is exactly as ordered, exactly as I’d have chosen myself, and to top it all off, there’s a welcome card attached to the box. I haven’t seen this kind of old-fashioned, beautiful service since my grandmother’s days. So, thank you for allowing us to be a part of ethical choices, and providing outstanding service.”


I lead a very busy life, and was so sick of having to plan out my shopping, beat traffic, shop for and lug groceries around, so I wanted to try your service. So glad I did! Love your prices, selection and service. Thanks!


“First,’s internet delivery service has literally saved me as I’ve just moved back to Toronto after 28 yrs. in Buenos Aires, Argentina, & until recently, was without a car. So it was wonderful to be able to go online & have high quality groceries delivered to my door. I also wanted to mention that everything you have sent me (& I think you have pretty much done all my orders?) has been perfect…especially (but not exclusively) all the fresh produce which has been beautiful… I couldn’t have chosen better myself. As well your advice & guidance regarding knives last Friday, was great.

So again, I just wanted to thank you for all your excellent help, you and The Healthy Butcher/Real Food Toronto (but especially you Nicole 🙂 have made my transition back to Toronto SO much better (& easier) than I ever thought possible!!! All the very best…”


Great food and great service. Glad I discovered this! 🙂


You guys have made a believer out of me. I love online grocery shopping!


Very impressed by @RealFoodToronto. Awesome organic meat, produce and grocery delivery. Got my order on time and customer service was amazing!!!

KRISTINA SAYS: saved me during my busy week entertaining family. Thank you to your team for being so graceful and on top of everything, so I had it a bit easier this holiday.


There’s a real food movement that’s taken hold and I’m okay with it. Convenience is key for me — from ordering to getting the food on the table fast. I LOVE the tasty prepared entrees, soups and stews that I can easily  reheat and serve to my kids FAST, especially on those crazy nights. Knowing that the food is prepared with the best ingredients and with no preservatives is important. By the way, the company promises to endorse each item they represent as they’ve researched the companies and products they carry. So, whether you choose the express food prepared items or want the ingredients to cook at home, it’s good to know that someone else has done most of the legwork and research.

The first delivery was all prepared and ready to eat foods. We devoured everything. The kids enjoyed it all from the soups to the salads and the bbq sausages and artisan cheeses. Our second delivery I chose a few more ingredients for cooking including fresh produce which worked out nicely. This is where I usually worry but the staff that did the selecting did a great job here. The quality of meats is also fabulous naturally, since it comes from the very reputable The Healthy Butcher.

During the busy entertaining season, I was able to order a few delicious gourmet items like artisanal cheeses, housemade rilettes and terrines, and tourtieres to have on hand for when we had people over. I was also surprised to see some featured items on sale with prices on par or better  than my local grocer. For example, organic kale was $2.49 per bunch. They also offered a full-on themed catering menu so you don’t even have to blink twice to have everything ready!

The kids seem to get excited when the delivery comes to the house in the already recognizable van. I also love that the site also offers mouth-watering recipes that are worth exploring like this week’s Apple Puff Pancake recipe that I had received and looks easy enough to make for any weeknight dessert….’cause I’m already in that rut of looking for something new to make.


Thanks so much for all you do…. I sincerely hope that business is booming and you’ll will be around for a very long time. Your store has made an enormous difference in our lives, and I appreciate that this sounds dramatic and over-the-top, but finding real food that’s been grown ethically isn’t as easy as it should be. So, once found, we want to keep it!


I’ve started to order all my groceries from them – way better than Grocery Gateway! Their 100% Grass Fed meat is the best!


I want you to know how much I sincerely appreciate all of your assistance and support in my high-maintenance order. I know it was a small order in your paradigm, but your generous empathy and the fact that you included your newsletters and so forth really made an impact on a really difficult Mother’s Day, where my mom was ill and your osso buco pot pie basically put THE smile on her face. She literally said; “Thank you for saving Mother’s Day”, and I couldn’t have done that without you. She called me today to chat about how awesome your newsletters are that you included, and they are now saved on her cookbook shelf for BBQ season when she’s happily healthy again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! With much respect and appreciation, a very loyal client.


WOW! So impressed with your service!! How did I not know about you sooner?


Just wanted to let you know too, how much we appreciate your driver’s punctuality and extremely pleasant disposition! He’s a rare and professional gem in this type of service and one of the reasons we keep coming back. Thanks!


The site, the service, and the people working for you guys are truly great. Everything from the correspondence – when there’s a missing item – to the pleasant delivery person has been a pleasure. This was only our second order, but we plan on using the service again, and have recommended it to our friends!


Just received my second order from you guys. Very impressed…


We have tried almost all your flavours of sausages and they are truly the most delicious ever!


You guys are doing a really amazing job and I’m so glad I decided to try you out. I’ve noticed a general improved quality in the produce and meat that we’re buying compared to Loblaws, and I’m not paying any more than I was at Loblaws!


To the Team: Thank you so much for your appreciated customer service, excellent accomodations, expertise and product knowledge.


Thanks again – love your service and am definitely recommending it. Everyone I’ve interacted with so far has been amazing and really providing an exceptional customer experience, so very nice work!


Thank you for making quality, ethical meat so accessible. I was a vegan for quite some time, but some health complications demand a diet with meat products. We have only ever bought meat from The Healthy Butcher!


I purchased organic beef burgers for the first time yesterday and I have to say that they were honestly the best burgers I have had in a long time! Great quality, great value and nice service. I will only be purchasing my meat from you from now on. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Hi. Just wanted to say that everything was excellent the last time! Fantastic service! Thanks!


Notes from your personal shopper; clear pricing breakdowns; great quality produce and meat — @RealFoodToronto is aces!


I have to tell you, this was my third order from you – I am a convert. Not only are your products wonderful, but your customer service is terrific. With so many online transactions happening every day, great service really stands out. Thanks!


I also wanted to let you know that you have done a phenomenal job with your stores. The quality of the meats and fish is second to none. I am very grateful you opened in my area.


I think @healthybutcher’s Game Pot Pie is my new favourite stick-to-your-ribs-comfort-food. So, so good! #eatbettermeat


Just wanted to say how amazingly tasty your Game Pot Pie is. Please keep making these! So good.


I wanted to thank you for the lunch you prepared. It was a huge success. I went to visit the family late in the afternoon and they were still talking about the delicious lunch from their healthy friend. Even their ninety year old mother… took joy in the clean and healthy meal. Clean, organic and delicious food goes a long way in healing the heart and the gut.


Bison was delicious, thanks! The best quality and service from you guys as always, Cheers!


Your website is by far the most superior in all of Toronto. Your food service is fast, reliable and fresh! I will be using you from now on.


I am beyond impressed with your standards and ethical practices.


We tried your chicken for the first time … my dad commented that he hadn’t tasted such fresh, delicious chicken since he was a kid – (back in the 40s)!


Hello! Just thought i’d let you guys know over the Christmas holidays after many years of my brother in law cooking the bird I got the nod. Of course, me being me wanted to do it differently so I followed your instructions for Brining and cooking. It was absolutely perfect. Everyone raved that they had never had such a moist bird. Thanks so much!


You guys have the best meat that I’ve come across, I’m convinced. I’ve bought from (store names deleted), and farmers markets… and you guys surpass them all. Nice work, and keep doing what you’re doing!


With no doubt, (yours) was the best burger I’ve ever had. It was fantastic. Thanks for introducing this amazing place to me.


Hi guys, Thanks for the great service last Saturday. Thanksgiving organic turkey turned out to be a great success! … I used the giblets and the neck to make the stock for gravy, the liver and the neck meat ended up in the stuffing. I ate the rest :). I followed the roasting guide you’ve provided, which was very helpful… Also did the herbed butter as per your guide. The 18.5 lb. turkey was done in only about 3.5 hrs. in my regular oven, I poked it in several places with my instant read thermometer and it was definitely done – 167F. The white meat was juicy, there were a lot of leftovers and I made 8 liters of delicious turkey soup from the carcass to freeze and a casserole as well. All in all, I think it’s a great value for money for the quality and the peace of mind we got from buying organic. We will be back, keep up the great work!


Seriously, no joke – THE BEST Turkey roasting recipe ever! Even with an oven SNAFU (15 minute or so shutdown mid-roast) our bird turned out perfectly and on time, after using the HB brine and roasting guide (not to mention the terrific stuffing and superawesome gravy). It was all a hit and we are very grateful to everyone at the HB and for making Thanksgiving a success.


I just wanted to thank you for an amazing Turkey! It was our first time ever making a Turkey, but we just followed your roasting instructions and the Turkey turned out incredibly juicy and it tasted really fresh and delicious. Everyone declared it to be the best Turkey they’ve ever tasted! Thanks to you and the farmer for providing us with such a wonderful Turkey. We are very grateful. We will definitely purchase from you again.


This store is like food porn!


I normally don’t write this kind of email, but this was so extraordinary that I had to give thanks to you on this New Year’s Day. We bought an organic, bone-in, smoked, uncooked ham from The Healthy Butcher. My father always cooked a ham every New Year’s, so I’ve had quite a few over the years. But I have to tell you that in my 45 years, I have never had a ham like the one I bought from you. It was absolutely mouthwatering! This was THE most incredible ham that I have ever eaten! When we took it from the oven, we just sat there in awe of it. We cooked it with an orange marmelade/maple syrup glaze. I’ve attached a photo that doesn’t even do it justice! As the ham was cooling, the juices were delicately streaming out from deep inside. But it didn’t stop there. Every other ham that we’ve had is usually dry inside. This ham was juicy even as we continued to cut deeper into it. It was a visual and taste sensation unlike anything we’ve had before! Thank you Healthy Butcher! Please extend our thanks to your supplier and we’ve already given thanks to the animal for providing us this feast. Happy New Year!


Our favourite neighbourhood store.


Hi, I have been meaning to get this email message out to you for many weeks now…

Firstly, I received all the items (Victorinox, MAC) and am enjoying every single one of them. I am extremely pleased with the MAC Usuba (JU-65).  Having grown up in a kitchen that used asian cleavers, this has brought back good memories. Using it is a real pleasure, and I wanted to thank you very much for helping me to choose it.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for the absolute top-notch service that I received from you during my last few purchases through you.  You are genuinely knowledgeable about all the products that you carry, and that is reassuring from the standpoint of a customer who is trying to decide whether to hand over a big chunk of money for a product, be it a knife, or pot, or whatever. Your friendliness and willingness to help guide me through the process stand out so remarkably that I wouldn’t feel right accepting this service without mentioning it specifically. Most of the staff at higher-end kitchen stores in the GTA either have no clue what they’re talking about or treat their customers with indifference or disdain. The service I received from you has been consistently impressive, and I hope that your manager(s) will be made aware of the good job that you’re doing there.  Even when you told me that you routinely shred the confidential information of customers (e.g. contact info, credit card numbers, etc.) I was so impressed, and it makes me feel very confident in the level of integrity at tour store.  It is this kind of professionalism and integrity that will keep me as one of your customers down the road, and I will not hesitate to spread the good word to my friends and family.

Thank you again, Cynthia, for all your help, and ‘Bravo’ to you and your whole team for such exceptional service.


If it wasn’t for this awesome organic butcher shop, I’d move to the country right away.  You make T.O. a great place to live (and eat).


Congratulations, it ‘s nice dealing with a business that offers such great products being dispensed by knowledgeable and friendly people with attention to detail. I always feel good when I leave your store.


I just wanted to write a quick note of appreciation. I come from BC, my family’s heritage stems from a southern Alberta homestead that has always raised cattle on pastures. On a ranch like that, you grow up with what we now think of as ‘organic’ meat – it tastes a certain way – the way your meat tastes – real. Moving out east proved difficult to find meat that tasted real. Your butcher store provides that – real meat the way it should be raised and eaten. I don’t often write notes of appreciation, but I have a strong appreciation for what you do and I thought this was appropriate.


RealFoodToronto has ruined me for life – I will never buy non-organic meat again. From chicken to bacon to elk steak, it’s the best meat I’ve ever tasted. Plus, they have the BEST sausages in Toronto!


I received my All Clad Cookware yesterday, thank you very much for the fast shipping! It arrived perfectly in time as the induction range arrived this morning.


I wish you and your business continued success because The Healthy Butcher is truly a benefit to our city. More citizens need to understand that when they buy meat from you they are buying more than a striploin, they are contributing to an ‘environmentally sustainable’ future. This city needs more honest proprietors like you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I also received your voicemail from Monday, and laughed when I heard the envy in your voice.  I’m so excited to pick up the Le Creuset! I really, really appreciate your help in getting this for me! Now, what’s next . . . hmm.

Also, just thought I’d let you know how much fun I’m having with my double boiler.  So far I’ve made chocolate sauce, sweetened condensed milk, whiskey sauce and hot chocolate.  As for knives, I see you’ve got a great deal on the Wusthof Chef’s knife, but I bought mine just a couple of months ago. (Darn!)


Hello, we have been customers for 6 months, there isn’t one single thing we have purchased from there, that isnt simply fantastic.  The slow cooked roast in vacuum packs is our favourite, it is the best comfort food after a long cold day, but the hamburgers as well, are just great. Thank you and congratulations on a wonderful old fashioned high quality and yet innovative fresh new butcher shop.


My blog is Stacey’s Paleo Kitchen and I posted a link your webpage today:

Thanks so much, I am loving my new pans!


To all the good folks there; Best. Turkey. Ever. Your brining mixture rocks, the turkey was the best I’ve ever eaten.


I just received the knife this afternoon. Thanks very much, it looks great just as you said. I am impressed with your customer support.  I look forward to purchasing from you again.

Thanks and Happy New Year.


This is as pure an organic shrine as it gets, but not in some hippy-dippy save-the-world kind of way: this is a gastro emporia first and foremost, pushing the organic mantra as much for the enviro and health benefits as for the superior flavours. In that way, the place is both backward and forward thinking at the same time, harkening to an age before growth hormones, pesticides and overcrowded stock pens.


Thank you so much for your prompt responses and suggestions. I really like these OtterBottle containers… Given the service you’ve provided, my confidence with online purchases is restored. Online, I can’t touch/examine an item until it arrives, and your representation of items for sale is exemplary. I look forward checking out what else your company offers…”

Thanks again.


Today we had our first on-line order delivered to our house. I have to say that the quality of what we received was outstanding! Everything in the order was 100% perfect – thank you so much!
The entire ordering process was a breeze and your delivery option times were fantastic. We will definitely be doing this again.