Avocado Oil Mayonaise
Chosen Foods
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Avocado Oil Mayonaise

12 oz

This is a tasty organic mayonnaise; ideal for sandwiches or as an ingredient in salad dressings.

Chosen Foods
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Have you ever grabbed a jar of olive oil mayo only to read the ingredients and find olive oil is the 4th or 5th ingredient? Ya, we aren’t too into that either.

Chosen Foods avocado oil mayo is made with our pure avocado oil instead of genetically modified, industrial seed oils like soy, corn & canola. Our avocado oil mayo is high in Omega 9, the heart healthy (cardio protective) fat that is also found in olives and olive oil.

Eggs come from happy, cage free Nest-Fresh chickens. We use 100% non-gmo ingredients, a touch of organic honey instead of refined sugar and rosemary extract as a natural antioxidant to preserve freshness. The result is a delightfully creamy condiment with just the flavor you’ve been hoping for! Is it time your mayo had a makeover?

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