Bison Sausage with Herbs and Red Wine - Raised in Canada, Drug Free - Frozen
Bison Sausage with Herbs and Red Wine - Raised in Canada, Drug Free - Frozen Video
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Bison Sausage with Herbs and Red Wine - Raised in Canada, Drug Free - Frozen


A simple, delicious way to pay homage to our local pasture raised bison.

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Fantastic herb blend to bring out the best in our bison. This is a wheat-free, and dairy-free sausage with no added sugar. This sausage is a staff and customer favourite!

Our Bison is raised by Canadian Rangeland on the vast pastures of the Canadian Prairies, without any added hormones or antibiotics. Epic Canadian meat, Eh!

Check out the Drone Aerial video footage on the left side, click the play button!
Bison is the largest land mammal in North America. Being native to this continent it is perfectly adapted to the climate, vegetation and environment. After barely escaping extinction by the end of the 19th century, today’s bison population is back at almost half a million animals, though only a small percentage of herds are roaming freely in national parks in the US and Canada, the majority is on privately owned large farms and ranches in Western Canada and the Midwest of the USA.
A major part of the Canadian Rangeland Bison are born and raised on the Pilatus Bison Farm near Bentley AB. The vast grasslands in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains are ideal pasture grounds for the bison cow herds.

Ingredients: Bison (local, no-hormones, no-antibiotics), Pork (local, no-hormones, no-antibiotics), Onion*, Parsley*, Basil*, Sage*, Thyme*, Garlic*, Red Wine, Salt, Black Pepper*.
*= Certified Organic Ingredient.

NOTE: We are not a Gluten-Free facility. However, we designate our housemade Wheat-Free products with the "Gluten-Free" icon.

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