Some of Our Testimonials, Press & Accolades

“Thank you for making quality, ethical meat so accessible. I was a vegan for quite some time, but some health complications demand a diet with meat products. We have only ever bought meat from The Healthy Butcher!”


“Your beef is the best I've tasted. Hands-down!”

Rich B.Customer

“I am beyond impressed with your standards and ethical practices.”

Sharon M.Customer

“As a regular shopper at your Eglinton W. store, it warms my heart to hear how your life path unfolded and how committed you, Tara and Dave are to bringing real food -food with spirit to us city folk. In the past, I and my family followed the vegetarian path, much for the same reasons as you and Tara. When I first saw your Eglinton store, shortly after you opened, I said ‘Hallelujah’ and have never looked back. I always look forward to coming in and speaking with your very knowledgable staff and many times try cuts of meat I’d never heard of (the vacio from New Zealand is now a family favourite). I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you bring to me and all your customers and suppliers. Your belief in the connection between food, family, relationships, community is very clear and serves as an example to us all.”

Caroline C.Customer

This page is under construction... we are adding more every day. We have thousands to sift through!!! Great position to be in.

The Healthy Butcher Team

“I purchased your organic beef burgers for the first time yesterday at your Eglinton location and I have to say that they were honestly the best burgers I have had in a long time! Great quality, great value and nice service from the counter person. I will only be purchasing my meat from your locations from now on, thank you & keep up the good work.”


“Your committment to consumer education is in a league of it's own. And your recipes... Mama Mia!”

Jess M.Customer

Toronto carnivores have become more and more demanding about knowing the wheres, whys and hows of their meat... The Healthy Butcher radiates integrity, from the grass-fed beef to the certified organic chickens.

Toronto Life, The City's Best Eating & Drinking 2018