We believe that

buying healthy meat should be easy.

When we curate your food, you can trust what you’re eating. We ask the questions that nobody else does, and never cut corners.

Sourcing meat from animals raised humanely, fed a diet of real food that is natural to their diet, without the injection of drugs should be the norm, but it unfortunately isn’t.

Our fundamental belief that there is a better, sustainable approach to the meat industry is what drives us to be the leader in providing delicious, ethically raised meat that you can feel good about buying and eating.

Our Mission Statement: To ensure your food is produced the way nature intended.


Merely saying that our farms are “local” is meaningless today, because not only is the definition of “local” vague, but sourcing your food from local producers who are stuffing their beef cattle with cheap corn to achieve more marbling, or using chemicals to spray their crops doesn’t do anyone any favours.

We promise to be accountable to you.  We tell you who your meat comes from, how the animal was raised, what it ate, right down to the nitty gritty details.  At The Healthy Butcher, meat is never a mystery.  We don’t pretend to be farmers.  Instead, we foster relationships with the special farmers that are as passionate as us. It’s these relationships that keep us accountable. And it’s accountability that sets us apart.

Meet Our Team

The Healthy Butcher’s team really is much larger, and includes all of the passionate farmers and producers that are involved in what we offer.   These folks are merely the main benefactors of the epic food we receive day in and day out…

Mario Fiorucci

Co-Founder & CEO

Mario's our dynamic boss who somehow always sees three steps ahead. He has degrees in Physics, Computer Science, and Law, and left a large Bay Street law firm to start up The Healthy Butcher. He loves cooking, loves cooking meat even more so, and is a spokesperson for a fundamentally better food system. Luckily, he practices what he preaches and the world is a better place because of it. On a CNBC TV interview, he was asked: 'In such a competitive area of business, what inspires you to keep doing what you're doing?' Mario recounted: 'When my daughter was two I brought her on one of my farm visits. The farmer turned to her and said 'do you know that your daddy has changed my life?'. By doing what I do, no matter how difficult it is, or how absurd people think I am for having left practicing law to open a butcher shop, I know she'll know that she too can change the world.'

Tara Longo

Co-Founder & COO

Tara’s the person that gets things done, and clearly been recognized with awards like Profit Magazine’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and other awards. She has her hands in virtually every part of the business, and thank goodness for that. In her past life she was a Bay Street Investment Banker, but followed her passion for food. She’s a Super Mom, enjoys tough cross fit workouts, and is a voracious reader.

Dave Meli

Co-Owner & Executive Butcher

Dave’s the chief meat guy. He’s been a Butcher for the last 13 years, and is an agriculture and livestock enthusiast. He spends the majority of his time working directly with farmers to achieve the extraordinary meat The Healthy Butcher offers. Dave is a Red Seal Chef, and has worked at top restaurants around the world. He’s an avid cyclist, a part time professor at George Brown College’s Butchery program, and an avid watcher of Paw Patrol with his daughter.

Jonathan Persaud-Abrahams

Manager and Produce Buyer

A Chef trained in England, Spain, Israel, and Egypt, Jonathan is the all-knowing food resource at The Healthy Butcher. Recently he took over as the Produce Buyer, and you’ll find him at the Ontario Food Terminal at 4am most mornings dealing and demanding the best Organic produce for the stores. Jonathan loves the open dialogue with customers coming into the store and wanting to learn how to cook something for the first time. “To me, gourmet and organics are one in the same,” says Jonathan, “they are about using the best ingredients and letting those ingredients shine with minimal effort.” Jon’s also a huge Raptors fan, and will never turn down tickets.

Nicole Bradshaw

Manager, Online Operations

Nicole is a cornerstone HB employee. She starting working the counters at the Queen store, then elevated to management, then moved to Eglinton, and ultimately was moved to running the online operations where she's been for the last few years. She even married within the company. She's recently taken a liking to kickboxing, and will frequently walk-in the store limping or bruised as a result. Everyone is afraid of her now.

Andrea Cole

Manager & In-house Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Andrea spent many years working in the restaurant Industry and developed a growing discontent with commercialized mass-produced food. After finding The Healthy Butcher to attend one of The Healthy Butcher’s Farm Trips, she was so inspired that she quit her job in a large chain restaurant to join the team and has never looked back! Always learning, Andrea pursued certification as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and enjoys using her knowledge to further benefit not only her own health but that of her family and our health-conscious customers at the store. Her strong belief is that food is medicine and can be the slowest path to deterioration or the quickest route to health and happiness. Herself and her husband are passionate home cooks and enjoy trying new cuts of meat, ways of cooking and entertaining. She loves the outdoors, camping and travelling every chance she gets.

Elliott Dawson

Head Butcher, Queen Street

After years of slogging away in the kitchens of fine dining restaurants, Elliott realized that great cuisine is only as good as the ingredients that you start out with. Being a good cook is all about understanding those ingredients intimately and it was this quest for understanding that drew him to The Healthy Butcher. In his spare time Elliott enjoys cooking, brewing beer, tinkering with electronics, slappin' the bass and describing himself in third person.

Sarah Atzmueller

Head Butcher, Eglinton Ave. West

Sarah has now been a Head Butcher at both Toronto stores, and when she’s captaining the ship, watch out… she is one of the fiercest and most accurate butchers around. Having trained in George brown’s culinary management program, and staged in Italy, she knows her cuts. She was even awarded Top 30 Under 30 by the Ontario Hostelry Institute. Outside of HB, she’s a loving mother, avid skier, and an amazing cook.

Candice Zaina

Head Butcher, Queen Street

Candice makes up for her sub-100lb stature by dominating in the field of butchery. She's a trained and passionate cook, and has been butchering for almost a decade. Outside of HB, she loves to bake heart-shaped cookies and go for long walks on the beach.

Ashna Atri

Store Manager, Eglinton

Ashna joined HB after graduating from Biological Science at the University of Guelph. Between her education and experience in the hospitality industry, she has a passion for food produced the way nature intended. She keeps the Eglinton store front-of-house in tip-top shape. She's also a fanatical fan of horror flicks.

Andrew Flint

Assistant Head Butcher

Born and raised in Ottawa, Andrew worked the restaurant industry for over ten years in positions throughout the kitchen before joining The Healthy Butcher. He started as a burger maker, and has worked his way up to being an indispensable part of the butchering team. Andrew's the engine that keeps meat cutting going. Andrew loves bacon, and is an avid collector of vintage clothing and sneakers. And he just got married! Woohoo!
During a Toronto radio show about meat, the radio host turned to Tara (Co-founder of The Healthy Butcher) and asked "You seem very confident that The Healthy Butcher is the best butcher shop around; there's a lot of shops in the city so that's a big statement. Why are you so confident?”

Tara replied…

“That’s simple. Because we sell what we say we sell and we do what we say we do. We don’t mask anything in fancy marketing terms, and we don’t bait and switch. If a meat cut in our store is labelled “Grassfed”, you can rest assured that it is 100% Grassfed, and not the type of grassfed beef that’s finished on genetically modified grains and corn sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers. If we say a cut is Organic, it is legitimately Certified Organic, and not “this is like organic, or as good as organic” as many places will say when trying to convince you that what they have is worth buying. Put it this way, if you want a decent tasting steak, where marbling is the only measure of quality, you can go to many shops. If you want a great tasting steak that is both healthy and from ethically raised animals, you come to The Healthy Butcher.”