Bulk Organic Whole Chicken
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Bulk Organic Whole Chicken


The comfort food of all comfort foods.

Priced at $1.21/100g. The above is an average price, the final price may vary by up to 10% more or less.
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You save 15% by buying bulk!

Our Bulk whole chickens are sold whole. There is no special packaging or cutting.

Our whole chickens are raised over a longer period of time compared to conventional birds, and they tend to be different sizes from week to week, ranging in size from small around 3-31/2 lbs to larger around 5lbs. The price quoted is for 41/2 lbs, but will will always adjust your price to the exact weight you receive. 

The most economical way to buy our chicken is to buy whole birds, and we will gladly cut up your whole chicken into pieces if you so request (use the variation drop down).

The most common way to cut up chicken is into 8 pieces, which are 2 breasts (bone-in), 2 thighs (bone-in), 2 drumsticks (bone-in), 2 wings (split and tipped). We also put the carcass and neck in a bag for you, so you can make an easy and flavourful stock or soup.

That said, nothing beats a whole roasted quality chicken. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says it best: "These days it is also one of the few family meals that demands to be eaten at the table rather than in front of the telly. And, more importantly perhaps, it is one of the few dishes that is actually capable of getting disparate family members around that table without protest. The brooding teenager, the disapproving granny, the flown-the-nest careerist... all can be lured back in the mother kitchen with the promise of the sizzle of a roasting bird - and roast potatoes, of course."

MARINADE OPTIONS: Click here for more information on our marinades.

EDUCATION: To understand the cuts of Chicken available, click here.
COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: The Ultimate Roasting Chart
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