Chocolate Whole Milk (Glass Bottle)
Chocolate Whole Milk (Glass Bottle)  Video
Chocolate Whole Milk (Glass Bottle)  Video
Chocolate Whole Milk (Glass Bottle)  Video
Chocolate Whole Milk (Glass Bottle)  Video
Sheldon Creek Dairy
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Chocolate Whole Milk (Glass Bottle)


Farm Fresh Uhomogenized milk from cows treated with respect!

Sheldon Creek (+$2 Bottle Deposit)
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At, we searched long and hard for the best milk.  Our Harmony and Sheldon milk are the best of the best.  Although they are pasteurized, they are only pasteurized the bare minimum, being 16 seconds at 161 degrees.  So, the majority of the beneficial enzymes are retained.  That also means that the shelf life isn't going to be as long as other conventional brands of milk that may aggressively pasteurize their dairy.

Cream on Top!!

While most milk undergoes homogenization, Sheldon Creek's does not. Homogenization was developed simply to give milk a balanced consistency, eliminating the need to shake it before drinking. Milk in its natural state has a cream layer that floats to the top.
Anyone who remembers milk before homogenization was common, will tell you that the cream is the best part! It gives milk a clean, full-bodied flavor and holds many of the essential nutrients!
They choose not to homogenize because it changes the molecular structure of milk. In particular, it prevents the delivery of important nutrients to the body.

What’s the difference?

From the cream line of non-homogenized, to the type of container you purchase on the shelf or behind the scene and knowing the way the cows are treated on the farm. Sheldon Creek Dairy’s milk provides many health benefits. Nearly every aspect of milk production, from the way our cows are raised, to how our milk is processed, right down to how it’s bottled, play a part in making our milk healthy, fresh, just like nature intended!

Sheldon Creek manages the farms, the herds, and the Dairy Processing plant assuring total control of the Natural standards on which they insist. The milk is gently pasteurized to assure the safety of the product without negatively affecting the milk’s flavor or nutrient values. We do not homogenize our milk. They leaves the cream is its natural state, allowing the body to digest it easily. They package the retail milk in recyclable glass bottles to provide their customers with the freshest taste possible and to respect and take care of the earth. Sheldon Creek Dairy milk is nutrient-rich, a better vehicle for nutrient delivery, carries more enzymes for easy digestion, and is hormone and antibiotic free. The health benefits of all-natural milk are significant and are supported by a growing number physicians and others in both the dairy and medical communities.

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