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French Baguette
Epi Breads
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French Baguette


A French Classic baguette!

Epi Breads
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The traditional French Baguette is so versitile and a simple addition to your meal. Ideal for snacking, making crostini or bruschetta, sandwiches, and so much more.

Epi Breads: "Our goal and commitment is to provide you with more all natural products for a healthier lifestyle. Using quality ingredients and natural starters, we leaven, shape and bake our breads in a slow artisan process. We add no shortening, eggs or dairy products, and no fats or oils, except as naturally occur in the olive oil, cheese and nuts. Our Handcrafted loaves of crunchy, hearty artisan breads are a world away from factory-made breads. These breads range in flavour from sweet and mild to pungent and rustic. Each loaf has its own distinct shape, texture and taste."

Ingredients: Flour, Water, Fresh Yeast, Sourdough Starter, Salt.

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