Organic Pear - Golden Bosc
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Organic Pear - Golden Bosc


A highly aromatic pear with firm dense flesh, the Bosc is ideal for cooking and baking.

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The Bosc has a russet-yellow/brown skin that does not change colour as it ripens. Its firm white flesh is sweet and somewhat spicy. The shape is more of a round fat bottom with a tapered neck that comes somewhat to a point.

This pear is ideal for cooking and baking.


  • Use Bosc pears in any recipe calling for cooking pears in which you want the whole, halved, sliced, or chopped pear to hold its shape while cooking. They are also delicious raw, especially sliced into salads.
  • Considered a "winter" pear, look for Bosc pears September through April.

Handling & Storage:

  • Ripe Bosc pears will have a heady pear aroma, especially when sniffed at the stem.
  • Ripe ones will have a bit of give as you hold them firmly in your hand – avoid pressing down with your fingers into the pear to check for ripeness, since that can bruise the fruit.

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