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Organic Broccoli
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Organic Broccoli


Broccoli is great both raw and cooked. Raw broccoli is a delicious addition to any vegetable platter. Cooked in soups, casseroles, meat pies, grain dishes, omelets, stir fry, or practically any savoury dish, this vegetable adds a great flavour and texture.

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The tight florets are the most popular part of the vegetable but the stalk is very flavourful too. To enjoy the stalk, peel off the outer layer before cutting as it may be less tender. A quick and simple side is made by steaming broccoli then drizzling with balsamic vinegar. Broccoli is available year round with local crops available July through mid October.

Broccoli comes from Italy, where it was grown in ancient Roman times. Today it's a year-round staple for cooks everywhere, and numerous heirloom varieties are starting to appear in farmer’s markets and specialty grocers, with colorful hues from green to purple to white. Other new arrivals on the veggie scene, all relatives or hybrids of broccoli, include broccoflower, broccolette and Romanesco.

Broccoli is tasty raw and often appears in salads and on crudité platters, but it’s even more delicious cooked. Broccoli is a versatile vegetable and works beautifully when roasted, steamed, braised, stir-fried or sautéed. Properly cooked, broccoli keeps its bright green color and has a gently crisp-tender texture.

Handling & Storage:

  • Fresh broccoli has a clean smell. Select specimens with tight, compact buds; slender, firm stalks; and fresh-looking leaves. The florets should be deep green or green tinged with purple. If the buds are yellowing, or many are open, the head is past its prime.
  • Avoid broccoli with big, thick stems — that broccoli is overly mature, and as a result, its florets will likely be tough and strongly flavored.
  • Store unwashed broccoli in a large, unsealed or perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator. It will keep for up to 5 days but will gradually lose its firmness and sweet, fresh taste.

Why buy Organic?

  • Conventionally-grown Broccoli has 33 pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Program!
  • 5 of these pesticides are known carcinogens
  • 19 of these pesticides are suspected hormone disruptors
  • 6 of these pesticides are neurotoxins
  • 6 of these pesticides are developmental or reproductive toxins

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