Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti
Easy, family-friendly homemade Mac’n’Cheese. Use these gluten-free noodles in the recipe!
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingshall River Cottage - Two fast pasta dishes.
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Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti

340 g

A great gluten-free option to regular pasta. It cooks up just like the real thing without being mushy.

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Made from whole grain rice, this gluten-free, cholesterol free, low fat, low sodium pasta is an excellent source of fibre and is easy to digest. Unlike other gluten-free pastas, this isn't mushy, but you need to use plenty of water (more than for gluten pastas) especially for the longer pastas. Stay close to the pot, and stir to keep them from sticking.

Ingredients: Certified Organic (OCIA) Brown Rice & water

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