Organic Celery
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Organic Celery


Celery is a staple in any cook's kitchen; enjoyed both raw and cooked. Used in bases for soups, sauces and added to everything from salads to casseroles, stuffings, and so many more recipes, this vegetable will add zip to any dish.

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Celery is an essential part of any vegetable platter. Cut into shorter lengths, they are ideal for dipping. This is one of the primary ingredients in mirepoix (a mixture of vegetables used in making any stock). Added to everything from soups, sauces, salads, casseroles, meat pies and so much more. A simple tasty snack, celery can be enjoyed raw, on its own or spread a bit of nut butter into the naturally cup shaped core for a richly flavoured treat. Celery is available year round but can be sourced locally in August and September.

Raw or cooked, this juicy, crunchy kitchen staple works hard in just about any kind of recipe.

Handling & Storage:

  • Look for firm, crisp, compact stalks of celery. If the leaves are attached, they should be a vibrant green and look fresh.
  • Avoid bunches with brown spots, blemishes, split stalks or other signs of damage; this means the celery is old or was mishandled in shipping. Very large bunches with dark green stalks may be bitter or very stringy.
  • Keep your celery refrigerated in its original bag, or rinse the bunch in cold water and store it in a perforated plastic bag for up to 2 weeks. Celery can dehydrate rapidly, so leave the ribs attached to the bunch until you’re ready to use it.
  • Wash celery thoroughly; use a vegetable brush to remove surface dirt and cut away any damage or bruises before using. Discard celery with cracks, soft or wilted ribs, or a bad smell.

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