Organic Fennel
Rick Stein is in Italy to demonstrate truly Mediterranean cooking styles. Try this simple and delicious recipe featuring fennel sausages, bay leaves, parsley, onions, potatoes and lemon.
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Organic Fennel


Fennel can be enjoyed both raw or cooked. It has a cleansing licorice or anise flavour.

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Layered like an onion, but with stringy stalks like celery, this vegetable is a delicious addition to any meal. Raw, it can be made into a crisp salad with its bulb thinly sliced and blended with practically anything. Fennel is a traditional ingredient in most Italian cuisine and is a staple of most Mediterranean cuisines. Available year round but locally available in limited amounts in the autumn.

It is often worth cutting the fennel in half lengthwise and removing most of the core and base before slicing, particularly if the bulb is starting to lengthen and push upwards prior to running to seed. The Sicilians we buy from in the winter tell me that they normally eat their fennel raw, sliced thinly, with black pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Although fennel is grown primarily for the bulb, the feathery leaves can be used to flavour dishes in the same way as fresh herb fennel, but in more generous quantities due to their milder flavour. They also make a good garnish and, in small quantities, can be added to a green salad or used to garnish pasta dishes. They are particularly good for stuffing fish. Don’t hold back; fill the whole fish with the feathery tops, perhaps adding a knob of butter and a squeeze of lemon, too.

Handling & Storage:

  • Fennel has a reasonable shelf life (at least a week) but is best kept in the bottom of your fridge. If it comes with the leaves on and you are not planning on using them, it will keep better if you cut off and discard them. The outer layer of the bulb has a tendency to brown, particularly at the end of the season when it may have been caught by a frost. This is not necessarily an indication of lack of freshness.

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