Organic Cucumber - Field

Organic Cucumber - Field


Field Cucumbers have a stronger flavour than the English variety. They have a thicker skin with tiny spines that are easily rubbed off.

Product of Ontario
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Field cucumbers are a great addition to any salad or sandwich.

Traditionally these cucumbers are peeled and the seeds removed for eating. However, organic Field Cucumbers are not covered in wax like their conventional counterpart so enjoying the nutrient rich skin is easier. Some find the seeds not so easily digestible. The more mature the cuke, the larger and tougher the seeds become. The fresh green flavour of these cucumbers are a tasty addition to any salad.

Grated, it is an essential ingredient for Indian Raita (a cooling yogurt dish) and Greek Tzatziki (a creamy garlicky dip/condiment). These are available year round but locally sourced mid-summer to early autumn.

Because of their high water content, they are highly perishable, so keep them in the vegetable crisper in your fridge.


  • Working with cucumbers is so easy! Use a vegetable peeler or paring knife to remove the skin, if desired. To remove the seeds of common cucumbers, cut them in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds with a small spoon, starting at one end and dragging the spoon to the other.
  • Cucumbers are 96% water, so some recipes specify a preliminary salting and draining step that draws out their water and avoids diluting dressings.

Handling & Storage:

  • Look for firm, deeply colored cucumbers without soft spots, shriveling or discoloration. Avoid cucumbers with yellowing skins. A cucumber’s ends are the first areas to deteriorate, so check to make sure they’re not soft or flabby.
  • Store your cucumbers, unwashed, in the refrigerator. The common waxed variety can keep for up to a week, but thin-skinned and unwaxed cucumbers have a shorter shelf life.

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