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Organic Lemon
Rick Stein is in Italy to demonstrate truly Mediterranean cooking styles. Try this simple and delicious recipe featuring fennel sausages, bay leaves, parsley, onions, potatoes and lemon.
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Organic Lemon


Tangy, juicy lemons are wonderfully versatile, an important player in both sweet and savory recipes.

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We consider Lemons as powerhouses when we want to bring out the flavor of other foods. Though they’re available year-round, it’s in the heart of winter when lemons are in their glory. With a bold, refreshing tang and aromatic oils, lemons awaken the palate and refresh the taste buds. This versatile citrus can play a starring role in any course, enhancing both sweet and savory dishes.

Lemons and limes are often called for in recipes in the form of juice. As they will produce more juice when warmer, always juice them when they are at room temperature or place them in a bowl of warm water for several minutes. Rolling them under the palm of your hand on a flat surface will also help to extract more juice.

Before cutting the lemon or lime in half horizontally through the center, wash the skin so that any dirt or bacteria residing on the surface will not be transferred to the fruit's interior. While you could remove any visible seeds before juicing the halves, you could also wait until after the process is complete, since there are bound to be some seeds that reside deeper and are not visible from the surface. The juice can then be extracted in a variety of ways. You can either use a juicer, reamer or do it the old fashioned way, squeezing by hand.

If your recipe calls for lemon or lime zest, make sure that you use fruit that is organically grown since most conventionally grown fruits will have pesticide residues on their skin. After washing and drying the lemon or lime, use a zester, paring knife or vegetable peeler to remove the zest, which is the colored part of the peel. Make sure not to remove too much of the peel as the white pith underneath is bitter and should not be used. The zest can then be more finely chopped or diced if necessary.

Handling & Storage:

  • The most flavourful lemon is one that is rather thin-skinned since those with thicker peels will have less flesh and therefore be less juicy. Therefore, choose lemons that are heavy for their size and that feature peels that have a finely grained texture.
  • They should be fully yellow in color as those that have green tinges will be more acidic due to the fact that they have not fully ripened. Signs of overmature fruit include wrinkling, soft or hard patches and dull coloring.
  • Lemons will stay fresh kept at room temperature, away from exposure to sunlight, for about one week. If you will not be using them within this time period, you can store the lemons in the refrigerator crisper where they will keep for about four weeks.
  • Lemon juice and zest can also be stored for later use. Place freshly squeezed lemon juice in ice cube trays until frozen, subsequently storing them in plastic bags in the freezer.
  • Dried lemon zest should be stored in a cool and dry place in an airtight glass container.
  • Lemons lose their vivid color and flavor as they age, so look for brightly colored, glossy-skinned fruit. Choose firm fruit that feels heavy — a sign they’re full of juice.
  • Avoid lemons that are very hard (unripe), and pass by those with soft spots, greenish skin or signs of shriveling.
  • Store your lemons in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

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