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Organic Lettuce - Green Leaf
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Organic Lettuce - Green Leaf


Green leaf lettuce is a favourite salad green.

Product of USA
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Green Leaf lettuce is a full flavoured salad green with a somewhat crisp stalk and soft, slightly sweet green.

Handling & Storage:

  • Pre-washed and trimmed or cut romaine in bags, clamshell containers and salad kits is highly perishable; always keep it refrigerated. After opening, store any leftover greens in their original bags or containers, tightly closed. Be sure to consume them by the “use date” on the package.
  • Keep whole heads of lettuce refrigerated (32-36°F / 0-2°C), away from fruits (especially apples) to keep them from turning brown prematurely. Discard leaves that look slimy, discolored, wilted, or smell bad.

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