Organic Mango - Kent
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Organic Mango - Kent


Mangoes are a tropical fruit with a sweet, juicy, soft flesh.

Product of Brazil
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Luscious, sweet red mangos (Tommy Atkins, Kent and Haden varieties) are heavenly on their own or in both sweet and savory recipes. If there were ever an excuse for excess, it could be the mango. Juicy, sweet and succulent, the mango is often called “the king of fruit.”

Mango is a juicy sweet fruit that is great on its own or added to fruit salads and are great with chicken! They are usually firm when purchased and ripen best at a cool room temperature. It is ripe when the flesh feels soft under the skin, without being mushy. The stem end will have a sweet aroma. Not all mangoes turn yellow when ripe, some remain red, green or red with yellow. It has a tongue shaped pit at the centre of the fruit. The flesh becomes more fibrous closer to pit.

Ideally, cut along the pit, following the shape of the fruit itself. Having cut along the pit, that "half" can be cut on its face (peel side down) criss-cross, making sure not to cut through the skin itself, then invert (make it a little "inside out") to create a "hedgehog" shape for ease of consumption. The cubes that sit outward can either but cut off with a knife, or simply eaten off the skin. Definitely worth the effort!

Handling & Storage:

  • All mangos are green when unripe — but some stay green even when they’re ripe, and others turn yellow, gold or bright red, so color isn’t necessarily an indication of ripeness.
  • Look for fruit with an intense floral fragrance, heavy for its size, with firm, unblemished skin. When ripe, the plump flesh at the stem end will yield slightly to gentle pressure.
  • Avoid fruit with loose, shriveled skin or off odors; that fruit is past its prime.
  • If your mangos aren’t ripe yet, leave them at cool room temperature for a few days, or place them in a paper bag to speed ripening. Once ripened, enjoy your mangos immediately or refrigerate them for a day or two — otherwise, they’ll ferment and spoil rapidly due to their high sugar content.

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