Organic Melon - Sugarbaby Watermelon
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Organic Melon - Sugarbaby Watermelon


An iconic summer fruit, Watermelon is a delightful, juicy, sweet, soft-fleshed, sometimes seeded melon. An excellent and thirst quenching snack.

Product of Ontario
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Few things taste better on a hot summer day than our organic watermelon's juicy sweetness. Its thin rind and convenient size make this small round fruit perfect for anytime, anywhere enjoyment.

Watermelon is easily enjoyable on its own or cut into cubes for a fruit kebab, or as part of a fruit salad. Watermelon is also an excellent ingredient for sorbet. Cut into wedges the colourful part of the flesh is the sweetest. The rind (not the skin) is edible and in some cultures the rind is used in stir fry dishes or it is pickled. There are seeded and seedless varieties available and the flesh can be red, golden or orange.

Handling & Storage:

  • Choosing a small watermelon can be challenging. They don’t get any sweeter once they’ve been picked, and sometimes they’re picked too soon to develop any flavor or aroma at all. The only indicator of a melon’s ripeness is the rind, but since melons differ from one variety to another, generalizations can be difficult.
  • When selecting melons, look for specimens that feel heavy for their size and have a pleasant, sweet, fruity aroma. If the melon was picked ripe, the stem (or stalk) end will have a clean, smooth indentation, known as a “full slip.” Gently press the stalk end with your thumb; if it gives to slight pressure, the melon is ready to eat. Avoid melons with cracked rinds, visible damage or very soft, spongy spots.
  • If your melon isn’t ready to eat when you get it home, keep it uncut at room temperature for several days. Its flesh won’t get any sweeter, but it will become softer and juicier.
  • Ripe melons should be refrigerated and ideally used within a day. Once cut, seal melons tightly in plastic wrap or place in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 4 days.

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