Organic Pineapple
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Organic Pineapple


Fresh Pineapple is a tropical treat that is available year round. Either eaten raw, juiced, broiled, combined with pork, mixed into drinks, pineapple is a delicious sweet fruit.

Product of Costa Rica / Mexico
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There are many ways to peel a pineapple but one easy method is to cut off the top and bottom then, with the fruit on a cutting board standing upright, slice off the outer layer. Remove the eyes with the tip of a potato peeler or make diagonal cuts to strip off the eyes. Cut the fruit into wedges then slice off the core, which is coarse and fibrous. Cut those wedges into chunks for fruit salads, fruit kebabs or desserts.

If you prefer pineapple slices (rounds), once peeled, slice/crosscut the pineapple then use a small cookie cutter to remove the core.

NOTE: Raw pineapple has a natural enzyme that prevents gelatin from setting so pre-cook the pineapple if using in a gelatin dish.

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