Organic Pluot
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Organic Pluot

1 lb / 454

A cross between an apricot and a plum. Juicy and very sweet. Great source of vitamin C, A and fiber.

Product of USA
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Pluots are a complex hybrid of plums and apricots, which gives them a savory blend of both flavors. Their skin is smooth like a plum, as they have a predominately plum parentage. They have a high sugar content, giving them a sweet and intense flavor.

Pluots are best eaten out-of-hand, but can be used for desserts like ice cream and yogurt toppings. They're uber-juicy and amazing in a summer fruit salad.

Natural plumcots/apriplums have been known for hundreds of years from regions of the world that grow both plums and apricots from seed. Pluots are later-generations that show more plum than apricot characteristics; the fruit's exterior has smooth skin closely resembling that of a plum.

A very high source of vitamins C, A and fiber.

Handling & Storage:

  • Store pluots at low temperatures (34-40 degrees) and high humidity.

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