Organic Whole Chicken - Flattened
Organic Flattened Chicken - Marinated and ready for the BBQ!
Experts Angle TV interviews our Executive Butcher Dave Meli who explains just what "organic meat" means to us.
In this video Executive Head Butcher Dave Meli demonstrates how to prepare a chicken spatchcock.
Nigella Lawson makes chicken pot pie using leftover chicken.
Thomas Keller shows you how to roast a chicken.
Heston's Special Crispy Roast Chicken part 1 - BBC.
Gordon Ramsay shows how to part a chicken; see how far a whole chicken can go instead of buying parts separately.
Chef Daniel Humm,  of Eleven Madison Park, cooks Coq Au Vin.
Mark Bittman poaches a whole chicken with rice.
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Organic Whole Chicken - Flattened

~ 3.5 Lbs

Cooking a whole chicken has never been easier.

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Healthy Butcher Marinades:

Our flattened chickens have the entire carcass bones removed from it so that cooking this bird on a grill or in the oven will be a snap.

EDUCATION: To understand the cuts of Chicken available, click here.
COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: The Ultimate Roasting Chart
RECOMMENDED READING: Have you checked the Sex of your Chicken?

MARINADE OPTIONS: Click here for more information on our marinades.

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